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Powerchill's Work Health and Safety philosophy is based upon ethical conduct, integrity, mutual trust and teamwork. To ensure continuous improvement, we challenge, test, re-evaluate and continually strive to raise the standards of our health and safety practices. At the heart of our safety program we focus on our vision: "to achieve zero incidents and injuries".

Powerchill will meet its commitment to health and safety through:

  • Ensuring safety vision is promoted and remains at the company's forefront. Managers, employees and contractors are aware and accept this responsibility. They will provide a safe working environment.
  • Initial induction, ongoing education and training for our employees and contractors, providing the skills and confidence to complete tasks at a high technical standard without incident or injury. Health and safety is a key component of our values based training program, which every employee is required to participate in.
  • Effective teamwork between management and employees is focused on taking practical steps to identify and eliminate hazards within the workplace. This includes a risk management process to ensure an incident and injury-free work environment.
  • Demonstrating safety excellence through skilled management, providing strong leadership and striving to continuously improve health and safety management. Key health and safety objectives, plans and performance measures are set, with regular review processes to monitor performance.
  • Frequent communication and consultation with our employees (and their representatives) on key health and safety information to raise awareness and develop a culture of zero incidents and injuries

Powerchill is committed to ensuring that our work environments and practices always give health and safety the highest of priorities. Our comprehensive WH&S Policy meets the most stringent requirements and as such we have proudly achieved CM3 Certification.

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